Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Each year marketing teams are asked to produce more content than the previous year while reaching an audience that is always changing. To accomplish these requests, we need a new set of tools for managing the way we produce content. These tools should allow our team to monitor our strategy, organize the development of our content, and provide the internal metrics we need to show our executive teams the cost associated with developing meaningful content. We need to be more agile. For nearly 15 years, Jeff Julian has used Agile processes to manage hundreds of software projects. These projects scaled from small teams with simple web applications, all the way up to large teams creating mission critical systems for the enterprise. These tools have proven useful for managing projects that last over an extended period, deliver assets frequently, and adapt to the changes that occur in the business. Content Marketing, when viewed with the original intent of the phrase based on practitioners who have seen success with the model, has many core aspects that align with the Agile process. Since the launch of his online community in 2003, Jeff taught individuals and organizations how to use Agile planning tools to break up work, prioritize ideas, and deliver great posts based on the desires of the audience. In this book, Jeff will show you how to adopt these Agile Marketing techniques and build up the endurance of your Content Marketing efforts so you can deliver assets to your audience while maintaining a pace that you can sustain over time.

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Book Title: Agile Marketing: Building Endurance for Your Content Marketing Efforts

Book Author: Jeff Julian

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ISBN: 0997165316